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My thoughts on The X-files CCG

What I think of the X-files CCG is that it rules it is the sweetest game and if anyone that works for a store that sells CCGs then please set up X-files Tournaments. The object of the X-files CCG is to figure out the X-file card that your opponent has chosen you investigate sites to ask questions and can put your opponents agents in the hospital and all that other fun stuff. In my opinion it is one of the funnest games it is for sure the best CCG. I am open for comments and tips from people online visiting this web site and i would love to get mail from fans. If anyone wants to trade cards I don't trade over the internet only to people I can see. But as you probably noticed above some of the linx are for people who want to trade. Everyone that visits this site I would love it if you told others about it, PLEASE. E-mail me and yes I will be getting more linx to this page.